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About BiomedRx

The BiomedRx Healthcare and Technology Solutions deals in the Biomedical devices and Dietary supplements. All of the products sold on this website have been determined by BiomedRx to be of the highest quality. We are authorized distributors of the non-BiomedRx products. The products that bear the BiomedRx name are the highest quality health supplements available.

We provides selective products/services that promote wellness, peak performance, anti-aging, and life extension. Our holistic and alternative health practices help to maximize quality of life. We do not perform diagnostic or therapeutic medicine of any kind. Similar to a gymnasium, the focus of the BiomedRx Health Center is to maximize human potential. Our services are performed in accordance with the CALIFORNIA HEALTH FREEDOM ACT SB-577. Our services also include Neurofeedback and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

Experience the benefits of peak performance with BiomedRx today. You deserve it!

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